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Dr. Cannabis started with one simple goal. To help out marijuana growers have a greater experience with their plants, and not loose their mind over the many problems and situations that often arise during the different stages of cannabis growth. The Story Back in 2015 cannabis had just become legal in Uruguay (where I’m from), and so I started my first DIY indoor grow room. A sort of partnership with one of my best friends at the time. We would each put half the money, setup the indoor and grow space, and in a few months we would split those precious harvested buds. I soon learned our society had an imbalance. The plants were at my home, so I had to take care of them -every- day. While my friend came over every other weekend to check on them. It was no easy task. Every week there would be something new going on. “How am I sure they are getting enough light?”, “I think this room get’s too cold at night”, “Where the hell did this 30+ worms came from!!” Which meant I had to spend a lot of time studying and learning, not only about growing marijuana, but about gardening and farming as well. I learnt that not any light source is suitable for marijuana, but special grow lights are needed. That proper ventilation is fundamental for the plants health in grow tents and greenhouses. I learnt how temperature affects yield, how the right soil was everything, and how fertilizers are needed at certain stages. I studied so much that soon enough I was helping out other growers. After a few months people where coming to my inbox asking for help and sending me pictures of their sick plants, and so Dr. Cannabis was born. Today we can proudly say we are helping over 200.000 people all over the planet grow better marijuana, but more importantly helping them have a great time with it.

Web: https://drcannabis.io/

Cannabis grow cabinets

https://drcannabis.io/best-grow-cabinet I’ve got many grow problems, but pesky neighbors and unwanted attention ain’t one. Find your own discreet grow cabinet, providing you with a stealth solution to growing cannabis indoors.

Cannabis species

https://drcannabisio.livejournal.com/330.html Sativa, indica, and ruderalis are species distinct from the ‘cannabis’ genus. There are several differences between them, ranging from size, leafiness, and leaf shapes, to psychoactive effects and flowering time.

Build a cannabis grow room

https://drcannabis.io/build-grow-room Marijuana Needs Special Conditions To Get A Good Yield. I Will Show You How To Build A Grow Room Step By Step So You Can Develop Healthy Plants.

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