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Now in their third year of In-Vitro Fertilization treatment, we documented
Abbe and Isaac's experience so listeners can hear first-hand the intimate
struggles of a couple experiencing infertility. They share their hopes,
dreams, doctors appointments, and late-night fights and reveal an up-close,
personal, and sometimes funny look at a couple longing to become parents in
real time. Abbe and Isaac Feder met in the summer of 2008. For Isaac, it was
love at first sight. Eventually, Abbe got on board. They were engaged a year
later, and got married because of their love for one another, and also because
they wanted to have children. After hearing stories from friends: warnings
from their own bumps along the road, and trying to be as supportive as
possible, they felt sure this was not one going to be their story. As it turns
out, their story became extremely complicated.
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