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Football star Aaron Hernandez went from the bright lights of the Super Bowl to
a convicted murderer in a few years. The Boston Globe’s Spotlight Team, best
known for its investigation of the sexual abuse scandal inside the Catholic
Church, takes a hard look at the crisis facing football through the lens of
Aaron Hernandez’s life and terrible crimes.
From Wondery, the podcast team that brought you Dr. Death, Spotlight asks: Did
a brain badly damaged by football contribute to Hernandez’s violent behavior?
Did he keep secrets about his sexuality that collided with a hyper-masculine
football culture? Did elite coaches and teams look the other way as Hernandez
was spiraling out of control?
Spotlight uncovered new documents, audio, and interviews to go deep into the
story of what happened to Aaron Hernandez, and what it means for those of us
who cheer on a violent game.
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