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    [~Book~] Shield of Dragons (Age of the Sorcerers—Book Seven) PDF

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    American in the Morning for Friday 1-7-2023 After 3 days of bickering the House of Reps speaker drags on. The man accused of killing 4 students in Idaho appears in court. The US is preparing a massive Ukrainian Aid Package, Damar Hamlin shows improvement after taking a hit while playing football. A white House ceremony honors law enforcement for their role playing, acting, and colluding on Jan 6th US Capitol

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    America In The Morning with John Trout



    America In The Morning with John Trout is your super easy listening morning radio show. Of course the repeat some of the mainstream narratives, but this show will truly surprise you when the hosts go off script for real opinions. Easy to wake up to! 1st time using Radio Cut.

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